24/7 Emergency Services

On Call Emergency Service

When your business faces an emergency that requires immediate service, you can call eciService. eciService is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a typical two-hour response time.

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At 3:30 am, eciService received a call from Bakers Family Restaurant because their ceiling unexpectedly collapsed and needed immediate emergency repairs and rapid reconstruction. By 5:00 am, our first technician was on-site, coordinating clean-up and beginning repairs. In less than 24 hours at 11:00 pm, our team had already finished cleaning up the site and replacing the ceiling in the entire restaurant. Additionally, our team identified other underlying problems in the building and repaired them to prevent future issues.

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Upon arrival, eciService will assess the damages and take immediate steps to prevent further loss. Our team will provide a detailed assessment of the damage and establish a realistic restoration budget. eciService will work alongside the insurance provider and the insured to facilitate a prompt and mutually agreeable settlement.

eciService is sensitive to your business needs and will prioritize repairs to minimize interruptions and restore productivity to normal as soon as possible. To get your business back into operation as quickly as possible, our team will tailor our work schedule to fit your specific needs. .

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Customer Testimonials

Everyone here has been very pleased with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail we have received under eci’s service plan. As you know eci has built new buildings, built additions, have done remodeling projects and a rebuild from fire damage. Over the last 9 years we have relied on eci for a host of building services and I have been very pleased with everyone’s efforts and results.

Tom Kampel Kampel Enterprises

Your people were remarkable! Thanks again and please pass on my compliments and appreciation to EVERY ECI person who worked on this project for a job “very well done.”

Joseph Wotjysiak Senior Director, HACC Facilities Management Dept.
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